Mission and Values

The Center for Grief and Trauma Psychology, funded in 2015, is based on the need for intervention, research and training in this area. It was created by a group of Psychotherapists with 20 years of experience working with complex emotional problems. Clinical services can be provided in English and by distance. 



The next step in an unexpected world After a traumatic event or grief, the vision of the self and the world get shattered having need to re-establish new meaning and projects to life.



To offer highly specialized assessment and treatment services of suffering associated with trauma and loss, enabling posttraumatic growth.

To raise awareness to the difficulties inerent to traumatic events and decrease the avoidance responses related to grief and trauma.

To produce cientific knowledge on traumatic stress and grief.

To offer training for best practices on screening, assessment and treatmente for complex cases of grief and trauma.

To offer consulting services on contingency and response plans for critical events in organizations



Professional excellency, Evidence based practice, Efficiency, Multidisciplinary approach, Integrity and Transparence, Respect, Social responsibility



Our main facilities are in Vila Nova de Gaia city, covering the whole north and most part of the center of Portugal. We are associated with the Senter for Krisispsykologi in Bergen, Norway and are active on the Family Bereavement Network in Europe.